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The Faces of Fork On The Road

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Single-use items that are harmful to the environment have tainted people’s experience of enjoying a meal from their favorite restaurants. I created Fork On The Road to help the industry navigate regulations while meeting the growing consumer demand for sustainable solutions.

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Project Manager

Jason Ainsworth has enjoyed multiple careers and is always on the lookout for a situation that can be optimized. He joined FOTR to help restaurateurs and the environment simultaneously.

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Director of Communications

Minu Mathew, a global communications and content leader joined FOTR to fulfill her sustainability ambitions. In her own words, "it was FOTR's laser-sharp vision to do something very tangible and measurable that drew me."

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Director of Operations

With us since our founding, Drew Carlyle is one of our veteran team members. They bring their years of experience and skills to the forefront in helping our organization grow and succeed.

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Director of Communications

Sofiya is a high school teacher for adults, delivering courses about careers & health. She is also a passionate environmentalist. Since 2013, she has volunteered for a variety of eco-focused projects, which led to being nominated & awarded recognition as One of Canada's Top 25 Under 25 Environmentalists in 2018. Having led and participated in dozens of shoreline clean-ups, she has a visceral connection to nature & has seen firsthand the damage that uneccesary plastic waste can cause. She is excited to help FOTR carry out the important mission of supporting restaurants in reducing waste & supporting the restoration of the planet's health

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Shuchi, an enthusiastic environmental professional, holds a master's degree in Environmental Science. She joined Fork on the Road as she wants to contribute towards the environmental cause and sustainable future. In her own words, "I joined FOTR as I was driven by its sustainability vision to help restaurants reduce their plastic footprint and stem the tide of plastic pollution."



Project Manager

Janmejay is passionate about the digital ecosystem and helped build this website. I like to help the community and contribute back to society using my skills. I have joined FOTR so that some day turtles may swim freely.

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Director of Communications

Jen Li is a graphic designer enhancing the communication initiatives for FOTR's vision. She believes in a healthy relationship with our food without causing necessary waste to our ecosystems.

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Director of Operations

Nimi Nair comes from Financial services background and believes it's time we realize the immense value of our planet and nurture it. She joined FOTR for its targeted approach and intent to educate, empower and provide sustainable solution to the restaurant industry as it navigates its role in conserving our beloved home "Earth".

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Project coordinator

Amrita is a multi-lingual passionate storyteller and strategist, helping organizations attain an equitable and sustainable future. She volunteers with women’s organizations and is now devoting her time to FOTR to bring about a sustainable change through community partnerships.